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For decades…we’ve been the experts in helping clients successfully navigate the home building process, from building and remodeling of entry-level homes through multi-million-dollar estates. As former executives in the new home construction industry and 25 plus years in residential real estate, our years of knowledge and expertise help our clients:

  • Find the right home
  • The right Builder
  • The right value
  • The right fit
  • Protect your interest throughout every step of the process


The answer is a resounding YES!


Purchasing new construction is different than buying an existing home. Usually more intimidating, the process can feel complicated with the myriad of decisions a buyer must make. After weighting all the important and complex initial decisions, the building process can take anywhere from 4-10 months, if building from scratch. If you have a shorter or exact timeline, we can find you a Market Ready (spec) Home.

Builders’ model homes are staffed by sales representatives who are direct employees of the builder. While many are personable and professional, whose interests do they represent? They work for the builder, so their duty and allegiance are to protect the interest of their employer. That is why it is so important that a buyer also has an experienced Realtor who is an expert in new construction to represent them and protect their interests throughout the entire building process.

Making the right choices is critical

Decisions you make can be costly without the right knowledge in advance. Evaluating builders, either custom or production, the numerous floor plans, options, lot choices and locations plus the list of important things to consider below can be overwhelming:

  • Quality of construction
  • Navigating which important questions to ask
  • Importance of location & home site selection
  • Upgrades that improve resale value
  • Differentiating what each builder has to offer in terms of features, quality, promotions, price, amenities and financing incentives
  • Making sure YOUR interest is protected throughout the entire process

Why is the builder’s home price the same with or without a Realtor?

Builders factor their partnership with the Realtor community into their marketing budget. They expect and rely on Realtors to bring them business. So, commissions, generally, are already built-in to their marketing budget and calculated as an expected cost of doing business from a marketing perspective. Builders do not want to reduce their prices because it sets the comparison price for future home sales in the neighborhood. So, you will pay the same price for a home, with or without Realtor representation. If you visit a builder without your own representation, you give up the right for your interests to be protected and still don’t save any more money.

Important: Most builders require that the Realtor accompany or register a buyer on the buyer’s first visit to a model home and new home community. Make sure you talk with your Realtor before stopping-in at a model home or visiting the new-home community. The Realtor will make sure you are registered properly, so you won’t sacrifice your opportunity for valuable representation.

  • Contact us BEFORE you visit your first model home/builder
  • As your agent, our service is FREE!

Make sure you always list your Realtor on a Builder guest registry


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  • Choose the floor plan that is ideal for you
  • Customize your home with the features, upgrades, materials and color palette that fits your preferences
  • No updating necessary
  • Mechanical & structural warranties
  • Extended warranties
  • Less maintenance
  • Lower insurance rates
  • Clean and move-in ready upon completions
  • More energy efficient


  • Find the right builder: We will help you discern which builder is the right fit for you, considering your needs and desired price range.
  • We will discuss your timeline and if building from scratch or a Market Ready spec home is a better option.
  • Select the right floor plan and home site: We will help you narrow-down and choose the right floor plan, options and home site that will meet your needs.
  • Customize your home: Oftentimes, hundreds of choices can be overwhelming. We will help you navigate all the options/upgrades and advise you on which selections may improve your home’s future value. We take special care in advising on what you need to know to help preserve your investment for years to come.
  • Negotiate the best possible price: Each builder operates differently. Our years of experience and expertise in the industry will be invaluable in helping you navigate possible negotiations with each builder and explore any incentives that may be to your advantage.
  • Paperwork: We will guide you through the Purchase Agreement and related paperwork
  • Have a home to sell? We provide a complimentary comparative market analysis and consultation to discuss a recommended price range that will position your home well in the market. Getting your home listed and necessary steps to ensure it is market-ready to sell quickly and provide any staging suggestions.
  • Construction meeting and walk-through on your new home: We are available for pre-construction and plan review meetings, electrical/pre-drywall meetings and other necessary meeting during the construction process to ensure your home is built to the quality you expect. We will be present for final walk-through and home buyer orientation meetings.
  • Communication: We will assist with necessary communication with the builder throughout the construction process and help you overcome any problems that may need to be addressed during the entire process.
  • Closing and Move-in day: We will coordinate the closing(s) and be present to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that all follow-up items are completed